Yachting and Sailing News

Yachting and Sailing News to be informed of what is happening in this great world of boats. 

A lifestyle of sailing and yachting around the world to explore, live and rediscover the beauty of each ocean and destination.   All the way from yachting in Playa del Carmen or renting a boat,  Sailing Bahamas and the Caribbean to jumping between islands in Croatia on a sailboat

Wheater a boat owner or renting a yacht or sailboat in the top destinations in the world.  There is an amazing and magical experience waiting for you. 

Yachting News and Information 

To get advice, information, and news on yachts and sailboats around the world.  Recommendations and information about destinations and events that you can enjoy.   Yearly events like yacht week and sailing week and much more.   Also, providing access to everything you need to know about the lifestyle of Yachting and making it accessible to everyone. 

Connecting you to the world of Yachting and Sailing

If you are looking into embarking into a career in a yacht or sailboat crew or just want to know what are some of the best spots to sail and yacht.  Also, if you are a yacht owner and want to charter your boat we also have information for you.   Here you will find something for everyone who loves this lifestyle.

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