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Welcome to a luxury sea lifestyle and a yachting world, where we understand that Yachting is not just an experience but a LIFESTYLE and a way of living the oceans around the world.  Adventuring into the open sea and ports located in beautiful cities.

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Sailing Clothes trusted by professionals and some of the top brands in the market.  Also,  Clothes that are fashionable and practical for your Sailing and Yachting.  Anywhere from pants, jackets

Boat Accessories and Parts

Knowing which parts and for which model of the yacht it is essential to getting the right part you need.  Whether one of the top ten luxury yacht builders like Amel, Blohm+voss, Christensen Shipyards, Heesen or general yacht builders like sunseekers.   There is always a need for parts and accessory replacements at one point or another.  So, you can get your parts and accessories ship anywhere in the world for your convenience.

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So if you want to have specific products with your logo and the name of your Yacht, we can help.  Let us know and we can design clothing, products, and different accessories for your boat with your brand on it.  


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Galas, Ballroom Events around the World

Sailing Week

A week of that sailboats and yachts come together in different parts of the world like Antigua, and the Caribbean

Yacht Week

Yacht Week in Croatia and different destinations bringing together a week of partying on yachts.  Check out the destinations and dates.

All-inclusive Cruises

Looking for all-inclusive cruises to relax and enjoy a fun atmosphere to the Caribbean, Mediterranean or North America.  


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Yachting lifestyle

Are you ready for it? 

What is Yachting? According to Wikipedia: Yachting is the use of recreational boats and ships called yachts for sporting purposes. Yachts are distinguished from working ships mainly by their leisure purpose. Both terms originate from the Dutch word jacht (“hunt”). With sailboats, it is called sailing, and with motorboats, it is called powerboating.

So we mostly have a misconstrued understanding of what yachting is all about. Usually, yachting is associated where only wealthy people are resting in yacht clubs. Well, mostly correct, but yachting lifestyle has nothing to do with being rich. There is much more to it.


What’s It Like Living on a Yacht?

For most people, a property with a seashore view is the best with the sound of the ocean and a breathtaking sunset view.

But have you ever thought what this view would be like from your yacht? Probably you thought it was beautiful! The peaceful, stunning ocean views that a yacht offers are just a few of the many reasons why life is only better on a boat.

Time to Unwind

Therefore living on a yacht is as peaceful guaranteeing you will have tons of time to unwind and leave the pressures of everyday life.  Also you’ll be free from the endless hum of traffic, barking dogs, and your neighbor’s noisy toddler. You’ll escape everything, and all you hear is the relaxing sound of waves.

Here are 8 Reasons why life on a yacht is better

  1. Privacy & Safety – If you are looking for privacy, then living in a yacht is for you. According to most yacht owners, one of the things they most enjoy about life on the water is the privacy they have. 
  2.  – Travel – Most yacht owners love freedom and go whenever they want to. Yachting is the best way to travel and explore the world from the harbor to harbor.  
  3. Creating Memories – Your travels will create great memories. Life on a yacht creates excellent photos, excellent conversations, and a sense of enjoyment for the owner.
  4. Decluttering Your Life – If you have lots of stuff and decided to live on a yacht, then it is time to declutter. Life on a yacht may be the excuse you were looking for to sell everything off, pack up the rest, and go.
  5. Entertainment – Perhaps you are wondering how you’ll spend time on your yacht. Well, you might be surprised, but the truth is the possibilities are endless. Luxury yachts today are equipped with modern kitchens, multiple bedrooms and living rooms, sun decks, gyms, entertainment systems, high-end sound systems, hot tubs, pools, and much more. You’ll feel like you’re on a cruise ship.
  6. Stunning Ocean Views – Nothing can beat great ocean views while onboard enjoying your favorite wine or champagne. 
  7. Freedom – When you live on a yacht, you have the freedom to go wherever you want. You can plan your itinerary travels depends on the weather of course. The flexibility allows a great sense of freedom and self-reliance.
  8. Adventure – If you like adventure, then yachting is for you because amazing things happen when you are aboard a boat. Of course, terrible time happens like bad weather, mechanical problems, etc.) Unpredictability is part of the yachting living, and people who love adventure like unexpected situations.

If you are ready to live a yachting lifestyle, then consider the steps below

    Steps to Make Life on a Yacht Even Better | Yachting Lifestyle

    • Before purchasing a yacht, spend some time and sleep a few nights on it to ensure if you can handle the life at sea.
    • If you are likely to get motion sickness, then consider a larger yacht because it will rock less during stormy weather.
    • Have a conversation with other yacht owners to find out what works for them.
    • Research the resale value of your yacht if you plan on selling.

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