Sailing Greece and Its Destinations

Greece is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, and blue surroundings but also Greece offers

exciting opportunities for sailing. Greece has magnificent ancient sites, beautiful beaches,

delectable food and a perfect place for a sailing vacation. 


Why sail in Greece?

Greece is a land of complete charm! No wonder that many movies have been filmed here. It is because the Greek Islands have a lot to offer to the tourists, especially when it comes to sailing holidays.

Can you imagine summers enjoying sailing?  


Types of Greek Island sailing holidays

If you are decided to sail in Greece, first you need to think about what style of sailing holiday you are looking for. Do you want to sail during day trips or would you preferably overnight on the boat?


If you are planning to visit Greece, here are the best places for a sailing adventure in Greece.


Argo-Saronic Islands

The Argo-Saronic Islands is ideal for a relaxing getaway destination. Perfect spot for sailing because the winds are not too strong, so you will enjoy exploring the small islands. The weather in the Saronic is quite mild, therefore making it an excellent choice for those who get seasick. Other famous islands in the group are Poros, Aegina, and Spetses.



Attica is a marvelous treasure of the Mediterranean. The harbors have many marinas with excellent service of luxurious yachts (with yacht charters), fishing boats and impressive fleets of sailboats with or without crews. If you want to explore more, you can even spend the night under the Temple of Poseidon, a magical sight to behold.



The elegant and peaceful island of Thassos is ideal for a full-day sailing adventure. If you are lucky enough you can spot some dolphins near the small island of Panagia. 

Panagia is a protected marine ecosystem part of the 2000 Natura network along the southern coast, endowed with impressive rock formations. You could also stop by Aliki and plunge in the crystal water and enjoy delicious food at Archodissa.



Crete is known as the largest of the Greek islands near the African coastline. One of the perfect sailing destination for sailors with so much to do and see. You can anchor in coves and beaches, or relax onboard. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful and vivid shades of the sea. 



Famous for its natural charm, Santorini is another perfect sailing destination. You will surely enjoy exploring the volcano and relax in hot springs and enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the comfort of your boat.



Do not forget to stop by at Milos while wandering along the Cyclades. Milos has striking landscapes, dramatic coves, and beaches that are accessible by sea only. Another sport for your sailing adventure.


Dodecanese Islands

Dodecanese islands are one of the most beautiful destinations for sailing holidays in Greece.  It is located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, and the Dodecanese is a group of small islands with fabulous small bays perfect dock on a sailing yacht. Yachts can be chartered from Rhodes or Kos islands. When it comes to sailing, the weather is of medium difficulty, and it is because the winds get stronger during the summer months, July and August.


Ionian Islands

Start your sailing adventure here at the Ionian Islands. Endowed with their magnificent beaches, world-class marinas and safe harbors, sailing lovers will have the experience of a lifetime. The Ionian Sea and its islands is an ideal sailing destination. And indeed, as your boat sails out of the Gulf of Patras, you will discover a different world. The Ionian islands have beautiful ports and friendly people. Furthermore, you can charter a yacht and travel the nearby islands which are very scenic. 



The Cyclades around the holy island of Delos is the birthplace of Apollo, and it is comprised of 23 large islands and some 200 smaller ones. You must be an experienced sailor if you want to sail in the Cyclades, it is because of the strength of the wind in summer. 

Most charter yachts that sail here are mainly skippered or crewed charters. The average temperature in the Cyclades in summer is 25 to 26 °C (79F) and very often 33 to 35 °C (95F).



Sailing along the Sporades islands is another way to experience an excellent sailing adventure. It is characterized by their gorgeous landscape and mild weather throughout the year. The most famous islands of the Sporades are Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros, and Alonissos, which are populated. You will also enjoy the green nature of the Sporades with your yacht.


Start your Grecian sailing adventure now! But hey, do not forget your camera!

With so many places to sail and yacht in the world, Greece is among the top destinations.   Every place has its beauty and magic

Mexico with its top yachting destinations where you can hire a yacht in Playa del Carmen or a boat rental to see some of the most beautiful reefs or sailing Los Cabos Mexico to see the whales in the area.  Los Cabos a great place to sail and the Riviera Maya both with amazing things to experience.  With different top sailing destinations in the world to explore the world on a yacht or sailing boat.

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