Super Yachts With Helipads

Super yachts with helipads that allow their owners to fly anywhere and come back to their yachts.  luxury yachts offer world-class travel.  Where you can wake up each morning in a private stateroom, sipping a freshly brewed coffee, and got the chance to witness the sunrise over the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Adriatic.  Isn’t it great, right?

These yachts are loaded with state of the art amenities, water equipment, great interiors, and sun-soaked decks, ideal for unwinding. 

But there’s one feature that’s available on some charter yachts: Helicopter pads. Usually, yachts with helipads tend to be larger.  Indeed, helicopters are a convenient, time-saving, stylish, and safe means of transportation.  So to land a helicopter nearly anywhere provides comfortable transport of superyachts guests to particular destinations, without wasting time in heavy traffic.

Also, extreme sports lovers can experience helicopter water skiing.

Helipads on superyachts come in all shapes and sizes from commercial landing pads to touch-and-go decks.  Some are designed to enhance beauty, while others are being developed as a stand-out feature.


 Here we take a look at 10 of the most impressive super yachts with helipads


1. Serene Mega Yacht

In 2011 this superyacht was built by Fincantieri.  Serene makes it to number 1 because she possesses two helipads.  The first one transforms into a swimming pool when not in use.  Also, this mega yacht was designed with a helicopter hangar. 


2. Alfa Nero Super Yacht

Nuvolari & Lenard designed Alfa Nero and built by Oceanco in 2007.  While Alberto Pinto designed the interior of Alfa Nero.  It can accommodate 12 guests and up to 26 crew and has over 4,000 square feet (370 m2) of living space. 

The yacht highlights a 12-by-38-foot pool on the aft deck that can convert into a dance floor or a helipad through a hydraulic system.


3. Eclipse Mega Yacht

Blohm+Voss of Hamburg, Germany built the superyacht Eclipse.  Terence Disdale designed her exterior and interior.  A Russian businessman Roman Abramovich owns the yacht. Eclipse, competing as one of the largest on the planet at 162 meters is no exception.  This yacht features two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, numerous hot tubs, and a disco hall.  Also, it has three launch boats and a mini-submarine that submerge up to 50 meters (160 ft).  To operate this superyacht, it needs 70 crew members.


4. Planet Nine 

Planet Nine is a 73-meter superyacht and was built to cruise the world’s most challenging corners, including expeditions in the Antarctic.  It can hold two helicopters and equip with helicopter refueling facilities.


5. Cloudbreak

CLOUDBREAK- This custom-built yacht was designed for extreme exploration since the owner loves great outdoors.  It was named after the legendary surfing reef in the South Pacific and was built by German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen in 2016.

It features helipad, cinema, six luxurious staterooms and can accommodate up to 12 charter guests overnight.  It also has two large terraces that offer picturesque views while an outside daybed lets guests sleep under the stars while cruising.  The owner uses the helicopter to enjoy a spot of heli-skiing on challenging mountains covered in snow.


6. Lady Christine

De Voogt Naval Architects designed the 68-meter LADY CHRISTINE with remarkable Art Deco interiors by Rodney Black Design.  This yacht was delivered in 2010 by Feadship Royal Van Lent. It features an outstanding panoramic and air-conditioned dining room, bar and lounge, ideal for casual dining.  Aft of that is a dedicated helideck warranted for touch-and-go commercial use with refueling capability and firefighting systems.


7. Stella Maris

Including in the list is 72-meter Stella Maris, designed by Espen Øino.  The helipad of Stella Maris is the focal point of the exterior design.  A visible huge H sits in the middle of the sundeck, and two swimming pools offer a convenient space for entertainment and socializing.  During the take-off, the sunbeds are rolled away, and the deck is transformed into a helipad.


8. Vanish

This 66-meter yacht owns an impressive helipad design.  The foredeck is the primary helicopter landing area.  However, this yacht has two helipads, found on the second deck on the aft of the ship. It is used to store the helicopter when the boat is moving. 


9. Andromeda

The 107 meters Andromeda was built-in 2015 by Norwegian. When it was first launched it was named Ulysses, knows as the world’s outstanding yacht explorer. The yacht was created to cruise through the ice has an 8,500nm range, and is ready to go to any luxury expedition. Also, it features commercial helipad and a hangar. It accommodates the safe storages of the helicopter when the yacht is moving.


10. Kismet

Kismet is a 2014, 95.2-meter superyacht built by the Lürssen shipyard. It was designed in a luxurious style by Reymond Langton and Espen Øeino. The helipad on this yacht is remembered as a touch-and-go, it means the choppers land, and then it takes off again after disembarking its passengers.

These super yachts with helipads with Yacht-Master

Just mini islands navigating through the ports and the oceans around the world.  Full of adventure, activities, and toys on board for their owner’s delight.   Some with over 50 employees to cater to the needs of the yacht all the way from engineering, mechanics to housekeeping.  Yacht-master in charge of navigating these wonderful boats.  Ready at the owner’s disposal and demand to be taken anywhere in the world.


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